Lola Fenhirst is an independent, small-batch fine jewellery company founded in 2015 by Lola Oladunjoye.  Lola came to jewellery design as a second career, having spent 18 years practicing intellectual property law in California’s Silicon Valley.  Born and raised in London, Lola draws on her West African Yoruba heritage to create striking, architectural jewellery in the European tradition, but always with a distinctly African orientation.   At its core, Lola’s work draws on African and European culture, history and mythology, to explore the contradictions of modern life.  Tradition and modernity, strength and fragility, identity and anonymity, motion and stillness, femininity and masculinity, weight and weightlessness.  These concepts are pierced, synthesized and re-imagined into daily wear statement jewellery. Sustainability is core to the company’s DNA.  Each piece of jewellery is flawlessly crafted from recycled metals and ethically-sourced stones by highly-skilled artisans and goldsmiths, fusing traditional metal-smithing techniques with the latest technology in jewellery manufacturing.  Lola Fenhirst is produced exclusively in Paris, where the company is based.

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